Just about every single good carpenter and DIY'er needs a durable, safe circular saw in their tool collection.  The amazing adaptability of the circular saw enables it to perform an enormous diversity of tasks, turning it into among the more popular tools in most wood-working shops.  The option to adapt the depth and angle of your cut makes all sorts of things possible. 
The first thing, you need to decide, is what style of circular saw you want.  You have just 2 options to choose from: worm-drive saws and in-line saws.  In-line saws are the most commonly seen choice for the standard hobbyist or DIY'er.  They offer lots of flexibility in a safe and easy to use.  The other option, is worm-drive circular saws, which are actually best left to the pro's.  They have the motor attached next to the blade, which directs considerably more torque to the blade.  This allows them to cut through rugged substances like metal, but they are also a lot more dangerous on account of the increased torque.  Check out some more info on that here: 
[http://circular-saw-reviews.info/milwaukee-6390-21-tilt-lok-circular-saw-review/ her explanation]

For normal DIY projects, an in-line (or sidewinder) saw is a superb option.  Despite the fact in-line saws have less power than a worm-drive saw, most in-line saws will present no issue with just about any task you are able to give it, short of significant industrial construction.  Furthermore, they are lighter, easier to use and safe.  Make sure the circular saw you pick out provides an electronic brake.  This feature will cause the flow of electricity to be reversed once you release the trigger, forcing the blade to stop quickly.  This is an essential and valuable safety feature. 

If portability is essential to you, you might want to think about a cordless circular saw.  This will allow you to use them nearly anywhere, without needing long extension cords and a generator.  You will discover some downsides to portable circular saws: they offer less torque than their wired brethren, and you will be limited by the runtime of the battery .  You are able to get more battery packs to stretch out the time you can work, however you will need to remember to check that they they're fully charged, which may be an inconvenience.

Always think about the type of work you are likely to be performing before buying any kind of power tool.  This is especially true with circular saws.  If you change blades on a regular basis, purchasing a saw with a quick-change system could save you countless time later on.  If you require deep cuts, you'll need a saw with a blade capacity big enough to meet your needs.  In addition, you'll want to read a few circular saw reviews prior to you making your purchase to make sure you aquire the best circular saw around.

Like I wrote before, every tradesmen and hobby wood-worker needs a strong, reliable circular saw in their tool collection.  The incredible overall flexibility of the circular saw permits it to perform an enormous variety of things, rendering it amongst the most favored tools around most wood working shops.  The flexibility to adjust the depth and angle of your cut opens up the door to several possibilities.

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