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Credit cards or loans are the two main ways of building your cridet.  Each requires that you make a payment or payments over time which is the definition of cridet (even if that time is short say a few days).  Depending on your definition of  fast  you may or may not be able to accomplish your goal.  Credit scores increase slowly since the major portion(s) of your score are your history obviously, you can only add one month of cridet history to your accounts on a monthly basis and the lookback weights longer cridet histories for loans and cards more heavily than shorter histories (i.e., the card you have had for say 7 years will contribute more to your score than the card you have had 2 years).Utilities, phones, etc. do NOT affect your score and history unless you don't pay   then they get reported as negative items and drop your score. http://awterw.com [url=http://qurpbp.com]qurpbp[/url] [link=http://obihswcb.com]obihswcb[/link]

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